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 We are Kathy Rumchak and Debbie Henderson. We acquired our first monogram machine from our mother in 2009. She planned on monogramming for all her precious grandchildren. Mom went out of town as soon as she got the machine and asked us to experiment with it. By the time she got back we were having so much fun with it that she told us to keep it.  Now,  years later we are still having fun,  with two bigger machines and enjoying every minute of it.

 We are sisters and great friends. We come from a family of 12 brothers and sisters.  You can say we are always surrounded by family and full of love.  We are both stay at home moms to 7 beautiful children.  We live down the street from each other and love to spend time working on growing this business.


We came us with the name maddie kate and rosie from our 3 beautiful daughters, Madeline, Anna Kate, and Rosemary.


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